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Use Cases

  • EDR Testing lab
  • PoC / Product Security Lab
  • Penetration Testing lab
  • SIEM / Threat Hunting / DFIR / Live Response lab with HELK + Velociraptor [1, 2]
  • Data Science research with HELK server, Jupyter notebooks
  • Detection Engineering research with Mordor [3, 4]

Features and Information

  • New Feature: Combined Velociraptor + HELK System! Velociraptor [1] + Hunting ELK [2] System: Windows 10 Endpoints instrumented with agents to auto register Velociraptor and send Sysmon logs
  • New Feature: Three tools for Adversary Simulation: Script to automatically invoke Atomic Red Team unit tests using Ansible playbook.
  • New Feature: Support for AWS and Azure - Terraform provider support for AWS, Azure.
  • Deploys one Linux 18.04 HELK Server with data science capabiliies. Deploys HELK install option #4, including KAFKA + KSQL + ELK + NGNIX + SPARK + JUPYTER + ELASTALERT
  • Windows endpoint is automatically configured with Sysmon (SwiftOnSecurity) and Winlogbeat
  • Windows endpoint is automatically configured to use HELK configuration + Kafka Winlogbeat output to send logs to HELK
  • Automatically registers the Windows endpoint to the Velociraptor server with TLS self-signed certificate configuration
  • Windows endpoint includes Atomic Red Team (ART), Elastic Detection RTA, and APTSimulator
  • Uses Terraform templates to automatically deploy in Azure with VMs
  • Terraform templates write customizable Ansible Playbook configuration
  • Azure NSGs and AWS Security Groups can whitelist your source prefix (for added security)
  • The following ports are opened through Azure and AWS Security Groups for ingress TCP traffic: RDP (3389), WinRM HTTP (5985), WinRM HTTPS (5986), SSH (22), HTTPS (443), Spark (8080), KQL (8088), Zookeeper (2181), Velociraptor GUI (8889), Velociraptor Agent (8000)
  • Approximate build time: 16 minutes